February 26, 2021

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Colin Cowherd: What was that from Tampa?

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Sunday Night’s game was by far the absolute worst outing I have seen from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers since I’d have to say; in about ever. You drum up any and all losing games you wish, but what was shown by our Tampa Bay Buccaneers that night was; I don’t even know how to explain it. Yes, we struggled against the Giants the week before, and we looked horrible against the Chicago Bears, and we got manhandled game one in New Orleans, but what I saw Sunday evening was a team that did not want to win and maybe just didn’t give a damn. Colin Cowherd also agrees with a lot of how I felt about that game, and the most significant point was the fact that they didn’t even try to run the ball. Seriously? You ran the ball 4 times! The lowest attempts in history? (That was hard to type without inserting a curse word.) 


Maybe the Saints are a better football team. Maybe, the Buccaneers are just a fancy coat of paint and some high-end mags on a barn find with no engine because that is what they were that night. Not saying Tampa is a bad team, but we sure don’t look great. 1 sack? 2 passes defended? 3 QB hits? No INTs? Well, Brady threw three of them. (I won’t say any more about that because I guess he is supposed to get a pass. Although, it may be picked off). 38 times bodies were targeted, but the ball was caught only 22 times. That’s not horrible, but it should have been a bit better. And I’m pretty sure that Brady’s 40.4 rating and 3.8 QBR might just be the worst of his career. Was it all Brady’s fault? Was it the receivers fault? No. Coaching strikes again! But, I am curious as to why the game was so poorly called? Why the attack plan did not involve the running backs? Was that game intended to be a Brady vs Brees for the record kind of deal? Because it wasn’t an NFC South supremacy kind of deal. Maybe the Saints are just that good. You can blame who ever you want for that loss, even Jameis if it makes you feel better, but that game needed to be a win. Three points to 38 is not showing me that the Bucs wanted to win. 

We play the Panthers next week, and I’ll be in the air flying over the Rockies, but when I touchdown, we better have a “W”. I originally predicted our record to be 8-8, and you can hate me if ya want to, but the team was beginning to sway me towards a better record. Heck, I even thought if we continue winning games, even ones we struggle in, we could slide into an 11-5 record. After last Sunday, they got some splainin and some provin to do. 

Here is a little tidbit for you: In the 2002 Super Bowl season, the New Orleans Saints swept the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and additional handed the Buccaneers their third loss of that 12-4 season! Maybe history will repeat itself.

 I’m done with My Little Rant 

“I watched two football teams, Saints and Tampa. One made it clear what they wanted to do, and one was making crap up. Blame who you want; I don’t care. What was that from Tampa? Their first five drives, three-and-out. They didn’t try to establish a running game. It was a series of odd, low-percentage throws. Did they spend all week babysitting Antonio Brown? I don’t know what it was. I mean, Tampa is still 6-and-3; almost everybody in the NFL said they would be 9-and-7 – that’s what Vegas thought. So they’re on track. They are gonna be a 9, 10 win team, but it’s the way they looked against Chicago. It’s the way they looked against the Saints last night. And my takeaway was: The first five drives of the game. What was Tampa trying to establish? They were just making crap up.” – Colin Cowherd

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