April 11, 2021

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Antoine Winfield Jr. Records First Career Interception vs Raiders

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Mandatory Credit: David Becker | Associated Press

In the last seven minutes of play, Winfield Jr. stopped the Raiders’ drive dead in its tracks, leading to a Ronald Jones 1-yard touchdown run! Winfield Jr, came up big for the Buccaneers and said that his first career interception “felt amazing”.

“You know, it’s a great feeling to get my first interception. I felt like I should’ve had it last week, but you know, it was great finally actually catching the ball and it actually felt amazing.”

Winfield Jr. described what he saw on the field prior to his interception: “I saw the ball thrown and I was breaking down the receiver and Mike (Edwards) was in good position. He was able to defend the ball and it just came straight to me.”


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