May 5, 2021

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Comparing Bucs “Fantasy Points” Results vs. Chargers & Bears

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So just for the heck of it, I decided to choose all Buccaneers for one of my four fantasy football teams. I play for fun, not for any money. I managed to draft all Bucs players, their kicker & Defense. But I wasn’t able to draft WR Mike Evans. Some goon snagged him the pick before mine. LoL

Check out the above fantasy points scorecards of games by Tampa Bay – against the not-so-good Los Angeles Chargers and also the apparently-pretty-good Chicago Bears. The results are dumbfoundedly, yet explainable, on both ends of the offensive spectrum.

Add to it the fact that for the Bears game, most of the Bucs offensive weapons were hurt and didn’t take to the field. Against the Chargers, the overall healthy Bucs offense managed to score touchdowns, but against the Bears, it was a seemingly more difficult task for Tom Brady, and his mostly hurt offensive teammates, to get into the end zone. Brady only managed 1 TD pass vs. Chicago, but he tossed 5 vs. the Chargers.

How Tommy managed to score 32+ fantasy points against L.A. and just more than 14 points against da Bears is a quandary, to say the least! … I guess it shows how good Chicago’s defense was and how lousy L.A.’s defense was.

Either way, you look at it, fantasy points don’t lie. It’s right there, showing how good a particular player plays against a particular team on that particular weekend with or without all of a particular team’s starting players taking to the field or hurt on the bench.

(1996) Wyche is running by me.


Running the ball, it seems RB Ronald Jones is solid in the backfield, at least versus the Chargers & Bears. The Bucs other RB’s like Leonard Fournette and LeSean McCoy needs to step it up when they get their respective chances.

Bucs WR Mike Evans is always on top of his game but didn’t have as good a day versus the Bears (15+ points) as he did versus the Chargers (25+ points). Regardless of how he faired in those two games, to me, we need to see much more of the Brady-to-Evans combo than we saw in the first 5 games so far this season.

The Bucs Tight Ends are doing well. But without O.J. Howard, it’s obviously a tough loss offensively. Howard ruptured his Achilles tendon against the Chargers. TE’s Rob Gronkowski and Cameron Brate need to fill that Howard-less gap. I see them getting more targets as the season goes on, obviously.

The first-year Bucs Kicker Ryan Succop is doing well … 8 points against L.A. then 13 against Chicago. Though, he had more field goal chances against the Bears because the Bucs offense couldn’t get the ball into the end zone.

As far as the Bucs Defense … 6 points vs. L.A. as well as 6 points vs. Chicago. Take those two stats any way you want to. I still say that the Bucs Defense remains one of the NFL’s best squads, even though Bucs Defensive Lineman Vita Vea is out for the season with a broken leg he suffered against Chicago.

Bottom line is that Fantasy Football is super fun! … Why else would we spend so much time as fans working on making out own rosters shine? … And even though it shows the true nature of just how “actual” players fair against particular teams … folks, it’s just a fantasy!


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