May 9, 2021

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How will Tom Brady’s Career End? Like Johnny U or like Peyton?

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Image Credits: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Image: Courtesy of the NFL

The Doors musical hit “The End” was a long-drawn-out song with several undertones. Kind of like the end of several legendary Hall of Fame NFL QB’s at the ends of their respective careers. Let’s take a quick look back.

Johnny Unitas spent 17 seasons with the Baltimore Colts, winning 2 NFL Titles. Then, in 1973 he ended his career playing in just 5 games with the San Diego Chargers, going just 1-3 before retiring. I grew up watching the Colts, and Johnny U practice 3 miles up the road from where I lived in Baltimore from 1968 to 1972 as a little kid, so watching him play with the Chargers was just a sad sight to see.

Joe Montana spent 13 seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, winning 4 Super Bowls before finishing his last 2 seasons in Kansas City, where he went 17-8 and played in the 1993 season’s AFC Championship game only to lose to the powerhouse Buffalo Bills. Overall, Montana played well in his final 2 seasons with the Chiefs.

Joe Namath spent 12 seasons with the New York Jets, winning Super Bowl III and changing the face of the NFL as America’s favorite game. In 1977 Broadway Joe ended his career with the Los Angeles Rams going 2-2. He was a shell of himself. Another sad sight to see at the end of his career.

Peyton Manning spent 13 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and guided them to Super Bowl XLI. He then went to the Denver Broncos and guided them to 2 NFL Title Games, losing Super Bowl XLVIII to Seattle, then returning to the big game and winning Super Bowl 50 over Carolina. Manning’s stint with his second NFL team turned out pretty good, I’d say.

So, here we are in Week 3 of the 2020 NFL season, and our beloved new QB Tom Brady is 1-1. The first game versus a tough Saints team and the second game versus a not-so-good Carolina team.

Will Tommy take the Bucs to the promised land like Peyton, or to the tank, like Johnny U and Broadway Joe?

Brady has looked pretty good, not great in his first 2 Bucs games. But, if the Bucs are going to be a force other teams fear, then he and his offensive teammates need do a lot better than in their first 2 games. Chalk it up to the non-normalcy of off-the-field issues and American’s health crisis, but everyone’s in the same boat. I just hope the Bucs boat doesn’t sink with Captain Tommy leading the regatta!

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