February 28, 2021

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Gronk: A Waste Of Money?

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Image Credits: Tori Richman | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I understand that because Tom Brady is Tampa Bay’s quarterback, Brady probably asked the Bucs front office to acquire Rob Gronkowski, and with Brady being the G.O.A.T., I’m sure that Jason Licht and company were happy to oblige. After the first two weeks of the season and Gronk’s performance leaving more to be desired, one question remains, is Gronk being paid too much? Could the Bucs have been able to sign him for less money and use some of it to improve the team in other areas? And if so, should they have done so?

However, with the fact that Gronk is only here on a 1-year, 10 million dollar deal, and so far, he’s not being utilized in the passing game, which is one of his strengths, it is no secret that many fans are both confused and frustrated by this. Many of us were expecting to see the Brady to Gronk connection that we saw from their days in New England. Gronkowski is a big, tall target who is skilled at catching the football. He might not be needed for deep, down the field routes, because the Bucs have guys like Evans and Godwin for that, and Gronk is also not a speed demon, but he should be getting more targets and be used more often in the red zone. So far, it seems like he’s just being used to help Donovan Smith block, because, through the first two weeks of this season, Smith has been getting beat off the line most of the time. Gronk is also a pretty good blocker, but we want to see the coaching staff draw up some pass plays designed to go to Gronk.

With O.J. Howard also being a big, tall tight end target who is skilled at catching the ball as well, and is also faster than Gronk, Bucs fans understand that they will share time and snaps. With that being said, Bucs fans still want to start seeing Gronk used in the passing game and see the Gronk spike after he catches a big touchdown pass from Brady.

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