May 9, 2021

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Peter Schrager envisions a huge season for Devin White!

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NFL’s top 100 list

The NFL’s annual list of the hundred greatest players currently in the game is out, and fans of the Buccaneers are not so impressed with the slotting of those five. Starting with the first player chosen for that list, Lavonte David at #100, the expected players are on that list save one Linebacker, Devin white.

Good Morning Football

Good Morning Football’s frontman Peter Schrager adds White to the list and firmly adds his name to the top ten in the 2021 issued list. Personally, I feel that Mr. Schrager has hit the talent nail dead on the head. Last season, fairly early on, I predicted that our Devin White would, save injuries, become the next inductee to join Brooks, Sapp, Selmon, and Dungy if Barber or Lynch don’t find their way in first). If he does indeed meet my prediction, there is no doubt in my mind it will be on the first ballot, or not at all. Schrager obviously sees closely the same thing when watching White ply his trade. He had this to say on the morning show:

“Guys, Devin White had 91-tackles last year in just thirteen games. He had a twelve tackle game, a thirteen tackle game. The Bucs defense led the NFL in yards per game rushing, and Devin White was a Top-5 pick from a year ago who was battling an injury and still played un-believable last season.”

Schrager believes Devin White will be on that list mainly due to this fact:

“I think the Buccaneers are going to be on TV a lot this season. They are going to be on five primetime games, and don’t you get it twisted, FOX will put them in that ‘A Group’ every Sunday if they can.”

With the moves that the Bucs have made by adding to the stars already here, the Bucs find themselves as a prime candidate for multiple nationally broadcast games. Exposure is the key to accolades. You don’t get national attention if nobody knows what you are doing. White’s rare talents will be on display for a respectable number of national broadcasts this season if all goes as is hoped concerning Covid-19. His extraordinary talents will transform him into a star and a favorite of many team’s fanbases. It takes a special kind of player to make a Jets fan throw on a Devin White jersey in May. There have always been those types of players; players that almost demand attention every single Sunday, less you miss the heroics live and catch them on Sports Center. (Montana, Brooks, B. and D. Sanders, Tarkenton, and Marino to name a few, all held that special draw – an attraction that would make a diehard fan of another team flip to a different game during home team broadcast commercials.

Wrapping up

Devin White is that guy that makes my mouth almost waters when I consider the possibilities of fantastic, almost unhuman defensive plays that await us all to marvel. He’s that good, and Schrager knows it. All that’s left is for the rest of the world to find out, and with multiple national exposures this season, they soon will. Go Bucs!!


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