April 11, 2021

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Arians Covid-19 Protocol

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Image Credit: Kim Klement | USA TODAY Sports

Most of the major sports leagues are now getting back. The NHL, NBA, WNBA, and MLS are in a bubble. The bubble is working, and there have been very few positive tests for Covid-19. The MLB is not in a bubble, and they had many positive tests. So, now we are on the verge of the NFL season and getting ready to get back to business. I believe they are watching what is occurring in the MLB. The MLB shorten their season to 60 games, and the NFL has decided not to play any preseason games.

During his press conference with media, via zoom, coach Bruce Arians talked about Covid-19. He agreed to what the NFL came up with it. Arians mentioned that the plan was to fly out the night before the game. They will, of course, play the game and then head out the same day. This will keep the players and coaching staff the safest. For home games, they have a hotel where the team can stay.

In this writer’s opinion, this is what needs to be done. Coach Arians said it only takes one person to sink the whole ship. He is correct; because if one person screws up, then it could result in many players getting sick, and as a result, the team. If key players get COVID-19, then other players would suffer because they are out. So, let us all hope that we do not have a huge Covid-19 outbreak, and we can finish the NFL season, with everyone being safe.

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