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Tom Brady Reports for COVID-19 Testing At AdventHealth Training Center

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Image Credits: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The G.O.A.T. is in the building, well more like outside. As reported by Kevin O’Donnell of Fox 13, the rookies and quarterbacks have arrived today at AdventHealth Training Center for COVID1-91 testing. Players must undergo a two-part series of tests.

These first few days of players reporting are just for COVID-19 testing. A second follow up test will happen again in three days. Both tests must be negative for any player to attend Training Camp activities, which begin next week.

Today is the first time Brady has stepped foot onto the Buccaneers hallowed grounds, and if he passes the test, he will begin training camp next Tuesday morning.

Brady is seen Kyle Burger of ABC Action News video (found here) entering the testing trailer with no mask on, and exiting with no mask on, with what appears to be a band-aid on his right arm, indicating blood work having been done. You can also see in the video link Brady speaking to Buccaneers’ quarterback coach, Clyde Christensen, also not wearing a mask. I am sure they know what they are doing, but I wonder if there will be a media outcry in disgust for Brady and the others being in close proximity to each other without wearing a mask, which is against NFL Instructions for behavior while at team facilities: Including wearing a mask, adhering to social distance protocols and not sharing towels, water bottles, food or clothing. This comes following Brady’s Tweet on NFL and NFLPA Safety Protocols for COVID-19 on July 22nd. Seen here.

Considering how some media decided to throw so much shade at Buccaneers’ center, Ryan Jensen and others, for not wearing a mask at this year’s OL Master Minds Summit in the belief that they could give their quarterbacks, namely Brady, COVID-19; when there were similar tests conducted before anyone entered the building, I am curious to see if the G.O.A.T. gets a pass, furthering the double standard and bias shared among many media outlets.


Source: NFL Media


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