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OJ Howard Believes Brady And Gronk Will Take The Bucs To The Next Level

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Image Credits: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

There may a little bit of doubt somewhere in the remote corners of the universe that Brady and Gronk may not quite be able to help the Buccaneers ascend to a playoff level this year. When it was announced that Brady would be signing with the Buccaneers, people went crazy, and the NFL spotlight was immediately placed on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization. Soon after followed the whispering of Rob Gronkowski’s name. Many were in disbelief that he would come out of retirement and leave a cozy WWE job to rejoin the bangs and bruises of the NFL, but it happened, and fans rejoiced! It seems that now after many times of being let down that fans finally believe that the Buccaneers are the team we’ve wanted for so many years.

Many fans would be just happy to have a winning record to boast of proudly, and many others would be just as happy with a playoff appearance. However, winning the Super Bowl at home would be more than the icing on the cake, it would be history.

Recently OJ Howard appeared on Good Morning Football and gave his thoughts on having both Brady and Gronk on the team, and he believes that we are set for the next level football.

“One thing about Tom, I’ve watched him for years in New England, he’s always in the game. I think that’s something he can bring to our team. No matter what the score is, no matter how it starts in the first half, I think we’ll always have a chance when it comes down to the final minutes of the game. He’ll keep it close. For Gronk, those two have a connection. Having those two on a team should help us take our team to the next level.”

Howard became thought of as a trade candidate, following the Gronk acquisition, especially considering the Bucs fielded offers for him last year as early as the London game, and could have been moved for the right price. Of course, Tampa wanted a hefty price for the young man out of Alabama University and former 19th overall draft pick, but since it didn’t happen, now Howard has the chance to learn from one of the best tight ends to ever play the game.

Whether or not we win the Super Bowl or even make the playoffs, I am just excited to see Brady and Gronk play pitch and catch, like that have for so many years before, and curious to see what our young stars can learn from the two of the best to ever do it. Brady and Gronk are Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Who woulda thunk it?

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