May 5, 2021

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Randy Moss: How are they going to protect Tom Brady?

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Image Credit: Kirby Lee | USA TODAY Sports

Randy Moss recently presented that question on ESPN

“I’m concerned about Tom’s protection,” Moss said to ESPN “They were unable to protect Jameis Winston for so long and if you compare quarterbacks, Jameis and Tom are not mobile quarterbacks. So if they couldn’t protect Jameis, how are they going to protect Tom Brady?”

Pay attention, here’s your answer

Calm down Mr. Moss, let me explain it to you. First and foremost Tom Brady has been known his entire career as a player that gets the ball out quickly. He’s also known for his command of the pocket, and using it to it’s fullest benefit. Those are two things you should be well aware of, having played with the man from 2007-2010. Another thing you should know as an analyst is that while the protection afforded Jameis Winston wasn’t the greatest. That same protection allowed for over 5000 yards passing and 33 touchdowns last season. PFF ranked the Buccaneers offensive line 7th out of 32 teams for their 2019 performance. They also upgraded their line by bringing in Tristan Wirfs early in this years draft.  They also brought in Joe Haeg a free agent from the Colts who stands 6’6″ 300 pounds. Haeg has played every position on the line, and adds solid depth. He could even grab a starting gig you never know.


Another factor that Mr. Moss isn’t considering is that defenses could pretty much just pin their ears back and go all out with the pass rush. Not much of a chance the Bucs would be running the ball. This season Ronald Jones is ready to turn the page and finally become the stud the Bucs thought he could be when they drafted the Trojan in the second round  a few drafts ago. Add to that, an underestimated Ke’Shawn Vaughn chomping at the bit to prove to the teams that passed him up, they made a big mistake. A speedster Ray Calais also comes in as a rookie to take over the kick return job, and could make his presence felt on third downs this season. Dare Ogunbowale also is a solid back that will add his skills to the mix. Point is, this isn’t the last four seasons Buccaneer running game. Thoughts are that with Brady here, running the ball and throws to the same will actually be a planned event. Which should slow up the pass rush.

Wrapping up

I’m thinking that Brady will be fine behind this line and the players around him. Brady is a smart, and savvy player. I believe he will get the best out of his protection, and be just fine. After all, the worst thing he can possibly be is Tom Brady. Go Bucs!!



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