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Bringing You The Best News says it’s Super Bowl or bust for 2020 installment of the Buccaneers

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Nothing short of the big game would be considered a good season

It’s now or never, or next year, whichever comes first. Wait, that’s not right, is it? We have this year or next year, or both years actually. It’s no secret that the Buccaneers have been in win right now mode for this entire offseason. Tom Brady will be here for two seasons, but only one reason, and that is to add a companion Lombardi trophy for the one we already got. To give Tom Brady that seventh gaudy ring, to go along with the other mission impossible six he’s collected like collectible Slurpee Cups. By this point, they are beginning to start piling up like old newspapers on an episode of hoarders. Well, I guess I’m stretching that a bit, but add one more, and it’s official.

Brady wasn’t brought in to just get us to the playoffs

The fact that the next Super Bowl is being catered in Tampa this football season; added to the fact that the GOAT slipped into Raymond James Stadium and has been devouring the grass in our end zone the last couple months, has put a level of win now on the season the likes the league has never seen before. There has been an expiration date placed on our Super Bowl aspirations, and it runs out in two years. The apex of that period coming this season with a chance to become the first team in NFL history to ever play host to the big game, while also being in it. How about that? The perennial laughable losers have stolen the rest of the league’s attention. The red carpet darling, once again. It’s been almost two decades since the last time the limousine pulled up, and surprise, surprise, a Buccaneer stepped out of it, tousling the hair, the gleam of popping flashbulbs glistening off the 25 million dollar grin. It’s our time again, even as improbable as that would normally be.

Bruce Arians and Todd Bowles provide the coaching at the highest level

Adam Rank of has said that this is Super-Bowl or bust for our Bucs, and who could blame him. The writer for the NFL’s online division recently released his yearly take on The Buccaneers. Let’s say in the least he’s all wound up like the rest of us over the huge possibilities Tom Brady and the boys have. Here’s a portion of what he had to say concerning the Bucs new signal-caller.

“There is nothing like a fresh start to reinvigorate you. Getting out and playing in the Florida sunshine later in the year instead of the dreary cold of New England has to help. Plus, look at the receiving corps. It’s the best Brady has had since 2007. And Gronk is joining the fun. To me, it would be a lot like dating Rachel Hunter. It might not be Rachel Hunter when she was the SI swimsuit cover girl in 1994, but it’s still Rachel Hunter. This is going to be amazing.” – Adam Rank

Wrapping up

Who could argue with that? You have the best quarterback in the history of the universe, at least as far as we know. Give him the number one ranked duo in the league entering 2020: Two young guns at running back, the best trio of tight ends hands down, and an upgraded to some extent offensive line. The cherry on the top of it all, though, is going to be the defense. I can’t get over how subdued the fanbase is over this unit of world wreckers. It’s like they haven’t realized how good every aspect of this defense is going to be. Many haven’t grasped the realization after so many years of being terrible in the defensive backfield, that this unit is going to be one of the NFL’s very best. It’s the last jewel in the defensive crown, the slamming of the door, the final and best chapter. It is the product of our meticulous genius Jason Licht. I’ll be honest, two drafts ago I was leading the charge to fire that kicker drafting idiot. Redemption is a very beautiful thing; it can cover a multitude of draft day kicker mistakes. If this class of 2020 plays to it’s potential, you may be looking at the best two-year haul in Bucs history. Everything is looking up, why a rookie kicker might even make it to the end of year two being the confidently expected starter in season three. Wouldn’t that be special? Not as special as that kicker wearing a new ring going into next season. Go Bucs!!

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