April 18, 2021

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“The skies the limit for us” and a Home Game in Super Bowl LV!

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“The wonderful thing about fairy tales, and what follows, is that every now and then, they happen.”

That might be an understatement

I’m going to take this moment in print to just let it all hang out. I’m going to bust down the door, open the floodgates, pop the cork, getting loose, going commando, letting it all…You get the idea. It’s no holds barred from here on out. For the record, Shaq Barrett and I are 100% in unison on this one. We are more or less pool time chicken fight partners, slapping heads, and taking names. Yep, that’s us! So sit back, get comfortable, grab your favorite quaff, and get ready for a little boat ride down the river of positive expectations. We will not be making a port call or even slowing down for Realistic City or Be For Realville. It’s the second buoy to the right, and straight on to the morning of the Super Bowl. Okay, after the Peter Pan reference, it’s time to move along. You get it, though. I’m not going to be entertaining the negative. The wonderful thing about fairy tales, and what follows, is that every now and then, they happen. Dreams can come true, and every now and again, they do.

“There is still a lot of history that can be written.”

Plenty of unique history for Brady to write in Tampa

The Buccaneers being the first home team in NFL history is definitely a dream that 31 other teams share. It’s one of those things that over a hundred times may never happen. The trick, of course, is to be very good when your home stadium is granted a Super Bowl. Gillette Stadium has never hosted a Super Bowl. So even though Mr. Brady has appeared in nine of them, he never had the chance to accomplish what he could with the Buccaneers here in Tampa. There is still a lot of history that can be written on the back end of his career, things that would be unique to himself and the Bucs.

Shaq Barrett recently spoke out about the first thing that came to his mind upon hearing that Tom Brady took the lead in finding his way here and what it means to him now that The G.O.A.T is in greener, warmer pastures here in the Bay Area.

“I was thinking ‘We’re going to the championship,’ I was excited,” Barrett said on Sirius XM NFL Radio. “He puts us right at the top of anything. The way we were playing late last year as a defense, we feel like the sky’s the limit for us. We should be able to make a lot of noise this year.”    

“It’s like a whole different feeling,” he said, speaking on how the Great Quarterbacks lead their teams. “They always seem to make the play that you needed to make at the right time,” he said. “It’s up to us to just like step up and defend it the next time. He set them up, put them in position every time for a game-winning something, and then we just had to step up to the plate and defend whatever it was because he always gave them opportunities.”  

Many fans are questioning Brady’s age, and his arm, which was never a cannon, to begin with, and was never what made him so successful. What those fans aren’t figuring into the equation is what did make him great. His mind is his greatest asset and what has always separated him from his peers. Not that many NFL quarterbacks are not very intelligent. You have to be to play the most difficult and mentally demanding positions in all of sports. Brady just seems to be on another level. Of course, you must give Bill Belichik some credit for being one of the best coaches of all time. Separate them, and they are both still functioning at an incredibly high level, and together, you get nine Super Bowls and six rings.

“Someone that will protect the football in a way nobody has seen around here in quite a few years.”

Brady show comes to town to complete the success equation

Now that Brady is surrounded by talent in Tampa, of which there is no question that the biggest bulk of that talent – in the Tampa tradition – resides on its defense. Which is scary when you think about the talent on offense we have. I’ve been surprised to hear so many fans on social media still thinking we have a problem in the defensive backfield. Believe me when I assure you that if healthy, and intact, our defensive backfield will easily hold its own, and by mid-season, will be an NFL top three unit rivaling the rest of the defense for headlines. It goes without saying that Brady is going to be what we have been missing at quarterback. Someone that will protect the football in a way nobody has seen around here in quite a few years. It’s also a fact that to be the first home team in Super Bowl history, the defense is going to have to lead the charge into the history books. In my opinion, this team will lead the NFL in many categories on it’s way to a number one ranking at regular seasons end. Against the pass and the run, this unit is going to dominate. Turnover ratio, sacks, and hurries will be some of our tools for building a defense that will rival if not outplay the Brooks and Sapp led units. And that’s not just positive thinking, that is a very, very real possibility I believe they will obtain. Like Shaq Barrett said, “The sky is the limit”, and when the reigning NFL Sack man speaks, you listen. Go Bucs!!



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