May 18, 2021

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Did John Lynch and the Niners ‘play’ Licht and Buccaneers in the first round of the draft?

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From the get-go, something felt off about the draft day move

From the moment I heard something was going on with our first-round draft position, something just didn’t feel right about it. The more I heard, the stranger it seemed to be. Now that it has come out about what transpired on draft day, the truth is more unsettling than anything I was imagining. The truth was told by Peter King, who was in the Bucs Draft nest on day one and heard every word of the insanity.

Joe Staley rumor started Licht’s mind to churning

Apparently, Jason Licht had heard a rumor that the Niners’ Left Tackle Joe Staley would be retiring before the upcoming season; that, of course, would leave the Niners in need of an offensive tackle on draft day. Licht believed that the 49ers wanted Tristan Wirfs or another team may be interested in trading the 49ers to move up to get him. He was one of the last of the big-name offensive line behemoths left on the board that draft day. Keep in mind this wasn’t a team one place ahead of us, and we contacted the team two places in front of us to outwit and outplay them, this was the actual team we want to pick in front of, and Licht was dealing directly with that team.

Is it me, am I the only one that sees this?

Is it me? I mean, help me out here if somehow I’m not reading this situation right. Jason Licht gave away a fourth-round pick to the exact team he thinks wants the guy that we want to move ahead of that same team to get that same guy. Am I the only one that sees the absolute lack of God-given common sense here? It’s widely known the Bucs were going to, in all likelihood, draft the best tackle available at #14. So it goes to stand that the Niners are also well aware of this possibility. So with that in mind, if Lynch and the Niners indeed did want to snag Wirfs before the Bucs could, why in the name of Bill Walsh would they then trade that pick to us? Common sense tells anyone listening that because of that fact, the Niners apparently didn’t really want Wirfs, their focus was somewhere else. Put it all together, and it’s not hard to see that this was a move to play the Buccaneers and add a fourth-round pick to Lynch’s draft day. Which the Niners used in a package deal to the Vikings to move back into the first round and get the wide receiver they wanted, Arizona State’s Brandon Aiyuk.

Draft coverage brought the Dolphins into the affair, which wasn’t true

This was a brilliant move for the Forty-niners and John Lynch. In order for it to work, though, you have to be dealing with a GM that maybe gets a little flustered and easily can overreact to situations. I’m sure that the Niners’ Draft room was in complete shock and amazement that the Bucs were actually going for it. On draft night, when the move was made by Licht, the TV Coverage claimed that the Dolphins had been trying to trade up in front of us to take Wirfs. So that Licht had to do the deal to secure Wirfs. It was made to sound like had Licht not acted, the Niners were going to make the trade with Miami, and we would lose out altogether on Wirfs. That just wasn’t the truth. It was an attempt at a coverup to conceal Licht’s mistake. Really, I’m surprised that Lynch pulled this over on his old team. He had to know that this was akin to taking the pool toy of a mentally handicapped child who’s mother had turned her back on him for a moment while he played on the steps. Lynch snatched that pool toy (fourth-round pick) from the child and shoved him underwater then ran like heck. Without a speck of remorse, Lynch took that pick from us and played the Bucs like an XBOX straight out of the package on Christmas morning.

A bad look for Licht, embarrassing for the organization, and fans

It appears that Jason Licht was so hell-bent on getting Wirfs that he threw all good sense to the wind. So much so that he took steps that never needed taking. The only saving grace here for Licht is that the steps were not taken in order to secure a kicker. Where exactly was Bruce Arians when these antics were being perpetrated upon us? To say the least, this should leave fans feeling like they need to spit something up. In the end, it’s all going to work out fine for us. Maybe a fourth-round pick would not have meant much to us, but you never know. We should have had that pick to find out. Is it only me that sees this situation as being so serious? Licht has made some great picks over the years, but he has also made some doozies. For me, this was much worse than the taking of Aguayo in the second round. This was letting, no inviting, another team to take advantage of your own thoughtlessness, and rewarding them for it. Now, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop in the NFC Championship game when Brandon Aiyuk catches the game-winning touchdown as time expires against our beloved Buccaneers. Really? Maybe.

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