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Winston finally lands on his feet in the Big Easy!

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Image Credits: Mike McCarn

Buccaneers’ records holder has something to prove in New Orleans

By year five, I’m pretty sure Jameis Winston figured he would be well entrenched as Tampa’s Franchise Quarterback. Working up to his sixth season, I’m sure he imagined himself with a shiny new five to a seven-year deal worth multiple Millions. It might have even big one of the biggest quarterback contracts ever. We all know what happened “along the way”, and It’s that “along the way” where things always get murky, and off track. After the Winston version of it, he was left as a man without a team out there floating away from the shore, drifting for deeper waters and away from all he knew and loved in the NFL.

Jameis chooses a destination

Winston reportedly had choices on where to land his Free Agency Man-O-War, but ultimately chose our inner divisional nemesis, Sean Peyton and the sure-fire Hall of Famer Drew Brees’s Saints. It was because of those two Saints, that made the decision a “Big Easy”. He would sign with New Orleans and learn from two of the best on the hiker’s side of the line of scrimmage. It’s no secret that when Brees left San Diego for New Orleans and Sean Peyton’s offense that he came into his own, and firmly established himself as one of the greatest to play the game. With the opportunity to study under these two, it was no decision at all. Winston will earn a base salary of $952,000 with a $148,000 signing bonus equalling $1,100,000 for next season. He could make upwards of $4.7 million in incentives.

Teddy Bridgewater turned his one year deal into a new start elsewhere

What Teddy was able to do in New Orleans last season, I’m sure was not lost on Jameis. Having had some success in his early years, Bridgwater was looking to get back on that horse and ride it to relevance again and a starting gig somewhere in 2020. That somewhere is in Carolina, to the tune of three years and 63 million dollars. Knowing Brees is advanced in age, the chance he could go down again this season to injury isn’t so far fetched. Winston could possibly put three to five games together of smart, mistake-free football as a starter, and maybe get that shot to lead a team again. Heaven knows he’s got the skills/tools to do it with if he can just avoid his everpresent flaw long enough to shine. You never know, maybe Brees goes ahead and starts that NBC job in the booth after this season, leaving the starting job wide open in 2021. Either way, no matter if Brees is healthy all year long, or goes down for a time. The ball is firmly in Jameis Winston’s hands, and if he was ever going to get another shot, this is his chance; maybe his last chance to become a team’s franchise guy and get the big contract he so dearly wants.

Wrapping up

I don’t think that Winston ever saw himself anywhere but in Tampa; at least up until he wasn’t offered a new deal and the Bucs searched high and low for anyone that could throw a football to the right color jerseys. They didn’t even have to be “all that” just a good custodian of the football. I think that may have woken him up to his reality that Tampa just couldn’t keep waiting for him to get a handle on his problem. I’d like to wish him the best, maybe just the best he can be with two losses to the Bucs each season. That would work out just great. Go Bucs!!



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