May 9, 2021

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Moving On From Brate Makes Sense

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2020 has been crazy: Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We have a virus that has pretty much halted normal life.

Did I mention Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are Bucs?

With the organization picking up O.J. Howard’s fifth-year option on his rookie contract, the tight-end room has suddenly become pretty crowded. With roughly about $4 million left in cap space, expect the Bucs to start making some cuts to free up some space and six tight ends on the roster, look to be where the team could begin.

When Cam Brate signed his 6-year $40.8 million extension back in March 2018, the 6th year player probably never anticipated being the odd man out just because of how his contract is structured. Since he has already received $14 million of guaranteed money between 2018-2019, Brate is set to make $4.25 million this season even if they release him. His $4.25 million was official as of 3/22/2020. The best bet for the team would be to trade the sixth-year tight end to someone who is willing to pick up the remaining $22 million left on his deal.

Before everyone loses their minds over the thought of us getting rid of Brate, they need to stop and assess the situation, as the team isn’t going to pay a player that type of money just to be third-string and see maybe a handful of snaps. Yes, this means there is a possibility the Harvard graduate that has become a fan favorite over the past few years, as he has shown to be a reliable red-zone target for this quarterbacks, so that should be an easy sell for Jason Licht.

Now, the part that many don’t take into consideration is the other 5 tight end contracts. Gronkowski is set to make $10 million, as Howard is set to make $3.5 million, and as mentioned previously, Brate is set to make $4 million. DO NOT expect the Bucs to pay about $18 million for 3 players. I look for Brate to be moved here in the next few weeks as the Bucs will be looking to sign their draft picks.

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