May 5, 2021

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Glazer Family Will Provide 5 Million Meals Aiding COVID-19 Relief Efforts.

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COVID-19 started the year 2020 off with a bang.

From pandemonium and fearmongering to mad dashes at the store for toilet paper and canned goods. People searching in vain for anything antibacterial or capable of killing airborne viruses, and then we instructed to stay home, leading to mass unemployment and waiting for that elusive stimulus check. People began adapting to having to wear a mask outside when not under curfew for fear of breaking newly introduced by-laws, enforced by crippling fines. A lot of folks are not receiving their unemployment or stimulus due to the overwhelming amount of those who are jobless because of COVID-19-Stay-At-Home orders. The Owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are stepping in to lend a helping hand.

Per Scott Smith, senior writer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Glazers will donate money to Feeding Tampa Bay to provide 5 million meals. This will help feed senior citizens, provide children meals, and help families purchase groceries across 5 bay area counties. The Glazer Vision Foundation has also made use of it’s Mobile Clinic to help Feeding Tampa Bay make food deliveries. Feeding Tampa Bay has been hard at work feeding thousands of kids daily at their child meal sites and delivered thousands of meals to seniors.

Statement from Darcie Glazer, co-Owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

“During these difficult and uncertain times, it is critical that we come together to assist those who have been most impacted by this crisis. Our family is extremely grateful for the great work being done to ensure that meals are available throughout our communities. It is our hope that these 5 million meals will assist Feeding Tampa Bay in continuing to provide these essential resources and services that are so vital to so many.”

Here is a statement Darcie Glazer released via the Buccaneers Social Media: Please click here for the video.

Statement from Feeding Tampa Bay President and CEO Thomas Mantz:

“In a crisis such as we’re experiencing today, we need heroes to help us make sure everyone has the most basic need met – a meal on the table today.” The donation of 5 million meals from the Glazer family is the largest of its kind to Feeding Tampa Bay during the COVID crisis and the impact to those who are struggling with job loss, income uncertainty, and the fear of not being able to feed their family is incalculable. On behalf of those we serve, our thanks to the Glazer family for their generosity.”

Additionally, the Glazer Family has pledged $100,000 to One Tampa: Relief Now, Rise Together Fund, a charity that offers financial help cover rent, mortgage, and utilities to eligible people and business owners around the city.


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