May 9, 2021

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If I were GM on Draft Day…

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It’s nice to pretend, as long as we know that’s exactly what it is. Anything else, and you’re likely to end up in a padded-pewter-room wearing an extra-tight creamsicle onesie. It seems like everyone has their own opinion of who the Bucs should take in this year’s draft, and I’m not going to be any different. 

The following are the first five picks I think the Bucs should make:

From the jump there is the very real chance the player I am choosing won’t be there so bare with me. I will choose two choices for each pick you never know who will rise and fall. For that reason, I’m only giving my choices for the first five picks. That may even be too deep to call, but here we go anyway.

Round 1: Andrew Thomas | OLT | UGA – Four-year starter playing against most of the top talent the SEC has to offer. Able to play Left or Right side, he plays well in the run game as well as pass protection. I also like Mekhi Becton, although I think Thomas is more polished for day one, but either player would be a welcome addition I’d put this one at about even.

Round2: Jonathan Taylor | RB | Wisc. D’Andre Swift will certainly be long gone when it rolls back around to us so Taylor is my choice here. The Bucs must take a running back, and here is where they should do it. If no Taylor, then J.K. Dobbins of OSU, hopefully, will be.

Round 3Isaiah Wilson | ORT | UGA – He played right tackle at Georgia, had he stayed for his senior year, he would have taken Thomas’s left tackle spot, so he can play both sides. If Wilson isn’t there, then I switch up and take a player I really like at a different position, and that is Safety Xavier McKinney from Alabama. Safety is a position we have a couple of good players at, but nobody, as of yet, has stepped up and clearly taken the job from the other. McKinney plays well in run support, and I think he would be a great addition to the team.

Round 4: Anthony Gordon | QB | Wash. St. –  Here is where I’m going to catch all the flack, but please keep an open mind. This guy can flat out play, and I think he may still be there in the fourth round, which in my opinion, would make him a great value. Gordon ranked first in completions, nationally, fourth in passing efficiency, fourth in completion percentage, second in total yards, and second in passing touchdowns behind Burrow. If you want to see him playing this past season, you will find his highlight reel here. His stats can be found here. I truly believe with two seasons behind Brady, Gordon could take over and be a great player for us; for years to come. No second choice here, because I believe he will be there for us.

Round 4(Compensatory Pick) Jonathan Greenard | Edge | Florida- Greenard is a very talented Edge rusher and showed that on a strong Gators’ Defense, last season. He has a good chance of being there in the fourth. He would add great depth for now and develop into a strong starter for the Bucs in a season or two. If for some reason he isn’t there, Julian Okwara hopefully, will. In 2018, he lead Notre Dame with eight sacks and twelve and a half tackles for a loss. He was injured last season but is healthy now.

So that’s it, those are the players I would go after if I were running things. My choices probably won’t line up with the actual picks come draft day, but that’s my take on it. Go Bucs!!

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