May 9, 2021

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Buccaneers 2020 Season: The most anticipated one in Bucs History?

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Players change teams, they come, and they go, but this feels a little different!

With the NFL being a business like it is, players, come and go all the time. They move on to their new team, put on a new uniform, and get to know their new teammates. Fans get to know the new player as well and decide if they like the guy or not. Some purchase the new player’s Jersey if he is productive, and from there it goes on.

Arriving like an Egyptian Pharoah.

When a player leaves your favorite team and is loved by so many, it’s hard to say goodbye. The sting can last a while for some, but eventually, you get over it, accept the guy’s replacement, and move on. This season, though, is going to be probably the most anticipated season in our franchise’s history. Maybe only the 1976 season will have had more buzz and anticipation surrounding it than this one. But, I digress. This season there will be many more Bucs fans than there were just a season ago. Not just folks that fell to the wayside in the area that had given up on them. But many more snowbirds that flock to the area from New England will now have an interest in our Bucs. I don’t think I have ever seen a player leave a team and carry fans with him to another team like Brady is doing.

Many Brady fans switching allegiance.

Patriot/Brady fans that have been New England fans for 20 years or more have packed up their allegiance, jumping ship, and swimming to the S.S. Buccaneer to pledge their loyalty to the Jolly Roger that flies high above the ship. I guess when “The G.O.A.T.” is the one joining your team, the rules get rewritten by the fans of that player. You can bet your buckle that fans of Tom Brady have already purchases season tickets in Tampa as well as part-time residents that are already here.

With the 2021 Super Bowl looming, could we become the first to host the big game?

The questions are many. Can Tom Brady come into a much better situation here than he had there, and work his magic for this team? Will he find instant chemistry with Arians, Leftwich, Evans, and Godwin? Is Tampa now a threat to go to the Super Bowl just a season after going 7-9? Can Brady and Arians will this team to the first Home Team in Super-Bowl History in 2021? I guess that all depends on the draft and free agency over the next two seasons. The Bucs could be favored to make that possible and make history in the 2021 Super Bowl. So strap yourselves in Bucs fans I have a feeling we are indeed in line for more surprises this offseason. The Bucs are the fat cat on the gambling boat this season. There’s no telling where they will sling the rest of their salary cap money, but it sure is going to be fun watching it. Go Bucs

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