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Riddle’s Rundown: What if the Bucs do sign Tom Brady?

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Image Credits: Lynne Sladky | Associated Press

Over the last few weeks, rumors have been swirling around the NFL about the Bucs trying to make a run at the soon to be 43-year-old free-agent QB, Tom Brady. So lets just for the hell of it, say the Bucs do come to an agreement with the future hall of fame QB; then what? Is that enough to bring this team to the playoffs? I’d say, not hardly.

At 42 years old, Brady is virtually a statue in the pocket; but had excellent protection in New England from what was always top-ranked offensive lines throughout the years. Other than Ali Marpet and Ryan Jensen, the Bucs offensive line is no better than average and will not provide the protection that Brady had in New England; and will continue to need in order to be successful. Rumors have been flying around that the Buccaneers are all in and Brady wants control of player-personnel… I’m just going to stop right there.

If – and that’s a big “if” – the Bucs do sign Brady, then expect them to heavily invest in the offensive line in either free agency or the draft. If the Bucs can give Brady time to scan the field and throw the football, the results could be outstanding. Not to mention, he’ll have the best WR corps in the league. For a team that’s looking to become the first team to host a Super Bowl in their home stadium, I get the interest in Brady, because he’s played in and won more Super Bowls than anyone. Just not so sure it’s really the best option.

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