May 5, 2021

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Bucs Life Media From The Combine: Bucs and NFC South Notes

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Madatory Image Credits: Aaron Doster | USA TODAY Sports

I have been on location at the NFL Combine since Monday. Being that yesterday was just rookie QBs prancing around in their underwear and checking in, there hasn’t been much to talk about, however on Tuesday,  some things came to light, or Licht so to speak.

One GM I spoke with that had previously indicated an interest in Winston says he’s been told not to expect Winston nor Brady to hit the free-agent market. This doesn’t mean they won’t, simply that he shouldn’t expect them to. He thinks this is due to deals being worked out with their current teams, but that negotiations do fall apart, and anything can happen.

Tua would be thrilled to get drafted to the team that was “Tanking for Tua”. He hasn’t been medically cleared as of yet, doesn’t relay confidence in his ability to stay healthy, but rather he says he’ll be more prepared next time … (whatever that means). He doesn’t really give off the vibe of being the brightest guy in the room, but definitely seems genuine. Not someone I’d feel comfortable drafting, but he’ll definitely go day 1.

Panthers have named Cam Newton the starting QB for 2020, barring any setbacks from his injury.

Licht says the Buccaneers disappointment with some aspects of Winston’s game has been blown WAY out of proportion, and he’s personally thrilled with the growth he saw, especially with his ability to throw the long ball.

Neither Licht or Arians would comment on where the negotiations with Winston stand, but they also gave no indication that they don’t expect him to be back with the Buccaneers, though they’re taking their time to make sure it’s the right choice.


Update: In this interview Arians basically states they already know who will be QB next year in Tampa.


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