April 12, 2021

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Bruce Arians: Getting defenders re-signed is top priority

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Image Credits: Kim Klement | USA TODAY Sports

Arians again puts the Winston matter on the back burner:

Bruce Arians was a guest speaker at the NFL Coaches Acadamy, recently in Tampa, and was asked by Jenna Laine if he had made a decision on Jameis Winston yet, he replied: “No, because you don’t know who’s available,” Arians said.You’re just sitting and waiting to see, is there someone available? And is he a better option? That’s the problem. You get about three days to decide — the legal tampering (period). Is somebody else going to get let go? What’s the trade values? It’s really monotonous right now because you don’t really have any answers.” Arians also stated that the quarterback position is not a top priority for him to address, but retaining key defensive players was. “To me, it’s the whole defense. You can’t get ’em all, but those young guys grew. We can’t let that go. I don’t care who’s my quarterback. We’ve gotta have a defense.” 

Arians has seemed to distance himself from the Winston situation:

Once again, Arians distanced himself from whisper recipient Jameis Winston. Reportedly his biggest interest in coming to Tampa was to work with Jameis Winston. Seemingly, since the “Torture at Tottenham”, his patience with Mr. Winston has evaporated. There has been no defending his quarterback as he did during the first part of the season. It’s something that stuck out to me in a big way, especially over the last five or six games of last year, and this offseason.

Keeping the defensive unit as much intact as possible the top priority:

It’s no secret that the Bucs defense, last season, came on very strong in the second half of the season, displaying a potential that the unit could become one of the best units the Bucs have ever had. They are on the verge of something very, very, special. Keeping that unit together as close as possible; should be a top priority. I think Arians knows that the offense is going to be fine, no matter who the quarterback they decide on is. Coming into last season, it was really the offense that was viewed as the more talented side of the ball. At year’s end, it became very obvious that the Defense was becoming easily on the same level as the offense.

Arians’ patience with number three seems to have waned:

Arians also knows that if the Bucs keep Jameis Winston around as rumored, that the defense is going to have to save his butt pretty often with all the interceptions he gives out. The way things are going with Arians’ attitude towards Jameis Winston, it’s not hard to believe that he is ready to part ways with the 5-year veteran. His word, though, isn’t the last word on such matters; Jason Licht and the Glazers will have a big hand in that making that decision. They are rumored to have already decided that Winston will be here at least next year, if not longer. That scenario would fit the way that Arians has been answering any questions about Jameis future in Tampa over the last two months or so.

Key players need to be re-signed and remain Buccaneers:

Keeping that defense together is more of a must if Winston is retained. It appears that Shaq Barrett wants to remain here in Tampa and that he would be willing to give a little in contract talks to remain here, meaning that more than likely, he will be sacking quarterbacks for the Bucs for the foreseeable future. It will probably be a bit harder to get a deal done with Jason Pierre-Paul, and Carl Nassib played well this past year, when healthy, he should be an automatic staying put, as he could not be asking for a king’s ransom like Pierre-Paul can. JPP is not so young anymore, so getting that big deal before he’s past his prime is big for JPP – his time is now. Suh, to me, is not a big deal to get resigned. He had his moments last season, but overall he is replaceable. Anthony Nelson is entering his second-year and could take that spot. In my opinion, the Bucs would probably be better on the line. The experience level would go down, of course, but I think Nelson will make up for it in talent. The Bucs really did have a fantastic, best since 1995, draft last year. Nelson was a steal where they got him. That should become more evident if Nelson stays healthy this season.

Wrapping it up:

Time will work its magic, and all will be revealed shortly. The defense, Winston, Barber, Perriman, and etc. Buckle up! It’s going to be a hell of a ride. Go Bucs!!

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