March 1, 2021

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[BucDad’s] Week One grades for the XFL and the Vipers

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The XFL season is finally underway, and week one is in the books. All eyes were on the 8 XFL teams this weekend, and so far, it’s looking like this “alternative to football” is a touchdown. 

My overall assessment from the opening weekend of the XFL is I like the concept. I like that it’s reinventing the game in different aspects from the PAT attempts, the kickoffs, the commentary, etc.

Did the Vipers win? Absolutely not, but the other 3 games I enjoyed watching as a fan of football. The game actually stood out from college, AFL, AAF, NFL, the original run of the XFL, and whatever other football leagues you can name. 

Also, the rules following the 2-minute warning – the NFL should take note. This should be something to look at since I’m predicting they will be looking to use the kickoff rule when it comes to enhancing safety on kickoffs in the NFL.

Kudos to Vince, he finally did it right this time. Sometimes it’s better to not compete with the others, but just make it your own.

XFL Grade: A- 

Vipers Grade: F+

Once the kinks work themselves out, it should be a great product and nail the extra point with the skeptics. As for the Vipers, it was only week one, and there are still 9 weeks left. I’d predict a vast improvement on both the XFL and Vipers as the season progresses.

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