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NFL Network Analyst Chimes In On Winston

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As the year of 2019 recently dropped in New York City, I thought it was time to drop 2019 for myself. As we’re all growing weary of the never-ending drama of Jameis Winston’s achievements and failures, it is apparent that the talk won’t quit anytime soon.

Having covered every snap of the Buccaneers, specifically throughout the Winston era, it’s safe to conclude that Winston is the truest definition of a gunslinger. Dating back to FSU, he has consistently been careless with the football, and at the same time wowing some of the top football minds. Although still relatively young and working through multiple offensive makeups, Winston will either clean up his risky decisions, or not. I believe coaching might be out of the equation at this point in his career. If Arians is going to continue his “no risk it, no biscuit” mantra, which he undoubtably will, somethings got to give. To steal a famous quote, “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

To save time and energy regarding stats as reported daily, this article will not delve into specific analytical breakdowns. If inclined these can easily be provided by the official team site and/or by countless team and individual player articles within the Bucs Life News Media gallery. With that being stated, let’s jump into this.

After listening and reading a facet of reasonings, both legitimate and ridiculous on the plight of Jameis Winston, we’ll look at comments laid out by one of NFL Network’s beloved hosts. On Monday, December 30th, Rich Eisen interjected himself into the Winston saga at his own peril. During this radio/television simulcast program, “The Rich Eisen Show”, Eisen was posed a simple question from reporter and sidekick, Chris Brockman. The question given by Brockman was if Jameis Winston will be back next year with the team. Eisen wasted no time on his response.

“I think he is. I think he is. As you know I’ve been around the team twice, I think he will be. The only question is he wants a salary with a 3 in the front with seven zeros behind it. Yeah, I think they’re going to be smart enough to figure it out, cause take a look at this. Jameis is not wrong when he says to ‘check his numbers”. “5,109 which is the most in the NFL, 626 attempts (tied with Goff), 33 TD’s only surpassed by Lamar Jackson who’s going to be the MVP, sacked 47 times (2nd behind the trio of Ryan, Murray and Wilson, who were sacked only one more time than him. And then of course 1st in NFL with 30. So he is 1st or 2nd in: yards, TDS, INTs and sacks. I mean talk about being in the middle of the hurricane. I mean wild! But, the last time an offense put together two 1,000 yard receivers in the Pro Bowl, two wide receiver teammates in the Pro Bowl was Anquan and Larry Fitzgerald in 2009, and Godwin and Evans made it this year, OK?” “And he [Winston] was telling us a story in a pre-production meeting prior to that Saturday, week 16 game, that some guy came into the huddle and he [Winston] literally had to ask, “who are you?” “OK. So when it’s all said and done, this offense, Carson Palmer threw a ton of picks in it, so did Peyton Manning. I think Winston does stay in Tampa”, Eisen said.

While Eisen might not be a leading authority voice in all things x’s and o’s, he certainly has the knowledge and the heartbeat of the league. He’s been around our Bucs, as mentioned, twice this season and has seen what we have relived since 2014. I think it was a solid take on where the franchise sits at this point with the added poignant mention of Bolden and Fitzgerald. Please chime in on your own and let us know if this evaluation moves the needle for you at all. And always remember, we’re all walking the same plank. Go Bucs!

On a personal note, I would like to thank Jay Bucs and the rest of the Bucs Life Media family for adding me to the mix. I hope to bring more intuitive and thought-provoking topics to our conversations. Cheers and Happy New Year. Go Bucs! -TM

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