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Riddle’s Rundown: Bucs should target Cam Akers on day 2

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Image Credits: Mitchell Martin | FSView

Fans have been arguing back and forth on whether or not the Bucs should target a RB in the upcoming 2020 draft. The season just ended, and already there’s a huge debate between fans. Some say grab a RB in the first such as Wisconsin’s Jonathan Taylor others say go after a veteran free agent. I, on the other hand, believe there is a perfect RB that the Bucs can grab that would make a perfect duo with Ronald Jones.

Florida State’s Cam Akers has tremendous talent and could be on the board as late as the 3rd round. As a junior last season, he ran for 1,144 YARDs with a 5.0 YPC to go with 14 TDs on the ground, 30 receptions for 225 YDS, and 4 TDs. That adds up to a grand total of 1,369 yards from scrimmage and 18 total TDs.

Now Akers does have his critics and people who question his football ball IQ, and at times he can get anxious around the line of scrimmage, but both of these problems can be fixed with the right coaching. On the other hand, Akers has a deadly combination of size and speed.

At 5’11” 212lbs, he hits the hole with authority and will rarely go down after the first contact, always keeps his legs moving, and has the speed to take it to the house either on the ground or through the air whenever given the ball.

If Akers is still on the board in the third, that would be hard to pass on. Akers has the ability to be the total package at RB, and if paired with Ronald Jones, they definitely have the talent to wreak havoc against opposing defenses.

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