July 29, 2021

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Shaq Barrett: Confident He Will Remain In Tampa

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Image Credits: Charles LeClaire | USA TODAY Sports

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Shaq Barrett wants to remain a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, and why not? He not only had the chance to start on defense, but he also had the chance to unleash his inner beast. Shaq Barrett certainly freed this past season, making opposing offenses nervous, especially the quarterback. Barrett recorded a sack, whether a whole sack, multiple sacks, or a half-sack; in 12 games last season. He only went sackless four times. His performance earned him the top spot in Buccaneers franchise history and put him atop the league with 19.5 sacks. Shaq Barrett worked out better than anyone could have imagined.

A perfect fit in Todd Bowles’ system is exactly what he is and will remain to be, so getting this guy back on this football team has to be a top priority. I don’t believe he will demand a mountain of cash so he can dive into his bank vault-like Scrooge McDuck, but Barrett knows he is about to get paid.

“I’m not thinking about the exact values I just know whatever it is is going to set me up and my family for the rest of our lives. It will take care of my kids and their kids,” Barrett said per the Tampa Bay Buccaneers official website. “I’m here right now, just taking advantage of this next step right now, I don’t know where it’s going to end up at, but I’m confident that I’m going to be where I should be, which is Tampa. It’s up to Tampa Bay right now, whatever they want to do. We’re on board with them, and our plan is to get whatever we can out of anybody, but I’d be planning on Tampa. I’m planning on Tampa. I don’t know if it’s going to be done before March, but I love that confidence that it gives me. I’m just ready to get it done and start building my life in Tampa and being here for the long haul.”

Barrett finished the season with one interception, six forced fumbles, 58 tackles, two passes defended, and of course, 19.5 sacks.

There plenty of upsides when it comes to Barrett, and Tampa will surely look to lock him up in a hefty contract, but if not, there should be quite a few teams looking to snag the sack master for the 2020 season. Bruce Arians made it clear that Shaq wasn’t going anywhere and that he would like to bring back everyone on that defensive line as well, to continue the onslaught generated from the trenches and the outside.

“The sky’s the limit! I’m so excited about the potential of bringing certain people back or almost everybody back and seeing where we could go because we made a lot of progress throughout the year. We’ve still got a lot of progress that we can make, and that’s what’s scary.” said Barrett via the Tampa Bay Buccaneers official Website.

Barrett may not have won Defensive Player of the Year per the NFL, but was given the honor by Pro Football Talk, NBC Sports back on January the first. Despite, not making the official list yet, he is still the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive Player of the Year and maybe even the decade.