July 25, 2021

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Image by: Mary Holt | Pewter Report

Bruce Arians earlier last year appeared on ESPN’s NFL Live and spoke briefly with Suzy Kolber about why he returned to football.

It shows in the interview that the 2019 recording-breaking QB, who threw for over 5,000 yards last season and a career-best 33 touchdowns, as well as setting a new NFL historical feat with a career-high 30 interceptions, establishing the NFL’s 30/30 club, was one of the major reasons he came out of retirement.

I’m willing to bet that Winston will be at the helm unless he has had a change of heart. If he hasn’t, and decides to keep the gunslinger, Winston’s stay will greatly depend or not a deal can be struck with the former #1 overall selection.

“There’s a few people who characterize this season as a one year try out for Jameis.” -Suzy Kolber ESPN NFL LIVE

“Then it’s a one year try out for me.” – Bruce Arians

“I guess all in and altogether, right?” – Suzy Kolber

“Yeah, that’s it, I mean, I came out of the broadcast booth because I really believe in this young man and this football team and this organization. I wouldn’t have done it without a quarterback, especially him.” – Bruce Arians

Check out the video below


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