March 1, 2021

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Could O.J. Howard or Cameron Brate become trade bait?

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Image Credit: Cliff Welch | Pewter Report

*The idea for this story came from our pals over at Pewter Report via their Bucs Monday Mailbag: Winston, TE Trades, And New Uniforms Coming? article.

Supply and Demand

It’s all about supply and demand. Arians’ offense showed little demand for the tight end position in 2019, yet the supply at the position is a strength. Something has got to give, and chances are that the Bucs will use that strength at tight end to better their position come draft time. It makes perfect sense. Why keep two guys that would both be starters on other teams when you hardly use the position in your offense. Just like the running game, the touches for tight ends are low on this team.

Howard would pull the most return

So don’t be surprised if Howard, who is still playing on his rookie deal, is the bait that sets the hook in the spring. The Bucs need to get as much value for Howard as they can. The longer they wait, the less valuable he becomes. It’s “what have you done for me lately” and with Howard, it’s not much at all. Any deal made, the team that gets Howard will be trading for him on potential mostly. Because of injuries, he hasn’t put together a strong full year yet.

Wave goodbye to one of them

So get ready to say goodbye to one of them. I would be very surprised to see them both still here come June or July. The Bucs were insisting on a first-round pick for him during this past season. I don’t see why those demands would change. It would be nice to have two first-round picks this year as we could really shore up this team’s needs – If they make the right choices. Time will reveal all, stay tuned. Go Bucs!!


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