Thu. Jul 9th, 2020

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Image Credit: Cliff Welch | Pewter Report

For an organization that has been in decline ever since our glory days to change, it takes time! Going into the Bruce Arians era, I feel that way too much was expected by our fan base, too early! Patience is a process (as I’ve said in other articles), and we can’t expect instant mash potatoes; instead, we need to wait for the real ones to be made! This team has grown, especially in the second half of the season! With all of the bad that happened, let’s look at the good.

The defense is getting stronger! This team is very young, playing time and coaching is causing the losing culture to change… it really is!
Offensively we are improving too, but the turnovers need to be cut down! Kickers need to make kicks, receivers need to run their routes better, and the quarterback needs to be sure of the pass! Basics! I believe Coach Arians will continue to grow this team! He will get players into his system and get the best out of them!

I’m optimistic about next season, but I’m not expecting us to conquer the world. I’m thinking that we make the playoffs via the wildcard and advance to the second round. If we go further than that, then it would be the icing on our cake! As fans, we should have realistic expectations, but not all will. Changing a losing culture doesn’t happen without growing pains!

As always, Go Bucs!

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