September 26, 2021

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Keep Winning Anyway!

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Image Courtesy of Cliff Welch/ Cliff Welch Photography/ Pewter Report

Some people desire the team to tank the rest of the season so we can get a higher pick in next year’s draft. But, have you ever thought about the team and the way they would feel about losing on purpose, what that mindset could do to the psyche of the players going into next year? Plus, wouldn’t it be smarter to evaluate the team, try new schemes, etc., and try to win?

If you look at history, not all high round draftees pan out, and sometimes you find a diamond in the rough in lower rounds! Because the Vikings and Packers won, we got eliminated. It sucks, but a play here, a call there, and a missed field goal, and we’re in the playoffs.

The team as a whole is beginning to come together, and in my opinion, if we build the offensive, and find a running back, we’d be fine. I want an (8-8) or (9-7) record, so the end of the season doesn’t feel so crappy. This three-game win streak is feeling pretty good, and it sounds like Bruce Arians wants more!

“The resiliency of the team, the ‘we’re not quitting.’ The fact that we are now mathematically eliminated from the playoffs is not going to change anything. We’re going to come. We’re going to work. We’re going to try to win four-in-a-row, five-in-a-row, and then six-in-a-row.”

I’m looking forward to next year! Culture change is happening, and we will start winning more as we add the necessary parts, and continue growing as a team.
As always, Go Bucs!