May 9, 2021

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Two in a Row!

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Image Courtesy of Cliff Welch/ Cliff Welch Photography | Pewter Report (Edited by Jay Bucs)

Fan Feature written by Buc79: It is a good feeling having my Bucs win two games in a row! If we can put four wins in a row and hope for help, we may possibly get a sniff at the playoffs, PLAYOFFS?!” 

Jameis Winston played well, in my opinion, and I can’t blame him for the fumble. How many times had he actually avoided the sack and made the play? He threw no interceptions or touchdowns in the game, but he did everything that was needed to win.

The Colts are up next, and they sit at (6-6) with the Bucs at (5-7) this is a winnable game! If the offensive line gives Jameis the time to throw, we could see 300 plus yards and a couple of touchdowns.

I just know that players are auditioning for next season and trying to secure a position on the team, whether or not we make it to the playoffs, but we have to keep the momentum going, guys! And as always, Go Bucs!

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