September 22, 2021

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Realism Has to Sometimes Take the Place of Fanaticism

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OK, so the alternative outcome was a fifth straight loss and a 2-7 record that would have led to social media depression and anger all week. The result of the game was that the Bucs won.

But did they?

Do you honestly see any kind of improvement on this team from the start of the season? I am not going to launch into one of the typical anti-Jameis attacks that you see on the internet because those have been done to death. Suffice to say I have not been on board with his future as a winning NFL quarterback for a long time now.

But do you see the defense really improving? Do you see the play-calling, the run game, the strategy, anything improving?

Outside of the die-hard 30,000 fans, there is not a lot to encourage the previous or the potential new fans to come to home games. The Buccaneers won that game because Kyler Murray has some of the worst passing mechanics ever seen in the NFL, and the Cardinals lost the game rather than Tampa Bay won it. 3-6 is better than 2-7, but do you honestly see a bright future for the current roster?

I have seen some really bad Buccaneer football teams.

The Leeman Bennett years, Richard Williamson, Greg Schiano, they were all depressing. At least when Raheem was re-building the team, you could see a future. 23 years ago, Tony Dungy was turning around a losing franchise, and you could see the improvements on and off the field. Sorry, but right now, I see nothing to prove this is going to change any time soon. I so want to be wrong about that, but realism sometimes has to take the place of fanaticism.


-Paul Stewart of