July 1, 2022

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Who is to Blame?

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It is no secret that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now 2-5 on the season. It is no secret that they haven’t just lost 5 games, but they raise those losses to an art form.

So the question is, who exactly should we place the blame on? I’ll be your first instinct is to blame Jameis Winston. There are those out there, including me, who believe that the Jameis Winston experiment has failed here in Tampa Bay. 5 years, countless interceptions. Before you believe that Winston will be benched next week, this comment from head coach Bruce Arians was an interesting one, to say the least. When Arians was asked about Jameis, he responded “Jameis didn’t throw one damn interception that was his fault. His receivers let him down today.” Arians went on to say: “You can write what you want. Not one of those interceptions was his fault, and it’s a damn shame.”

I honestly (despite what some may think) hate being all doom and gloom. Arians was defending his QB, and I can respect and appreciate that. So who is to blame?

1. Offensive line? Well, no, not this week anyway. Did you see how much time Jameis had to throw? Better effort this week.

2. Coaching? I think this is a 50/50 for me. My big and only issue within the game itself was the 4th and 1 rush. How many times does Barber have to fail before you give RoJo the nod? Oh, and I believe that Arians should have challenged the play that took a clear TD away from us towards the end.

3. Defense? Yes, there were moments of soft play in the secondary (surprised?) But, overall, I would say the defense did what they needed to. Whoever this JPP guy is, he made a BIG impact in his limited time! (Sarcasm. I know who he is and he played great yesterday!)

4. Special teams? Wait, the kicker made them all? Oh!

5. Offense? Evans had a great day! Godwin, not so much. Perriman needs to be cut from the team (if he isn’t already). Jameis. I can see (after calming down) where 2 out of the 4 offensive turnovers weren’t all on him. I still believe that Jameis isn’t progressing, and that is more of my issue than anything.

Bottom line, outside of Matt Gay, this was a total team loss. It’s impossible to blame just one person. At 2-5, salvaging the season seems like a longshot at best. I still believe we have some good pieces, but as far as who is to blame, it’s the Bucs. Period.