July 1, 2022

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Not So Fast Bucs Fans!

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On Sunday, Jameis Winston was credited with 4 turnovers, and two of them were INTs on the naked eye. Both interceptions looked bad, fans, and media scream same ole Jameis. After the game, Buccaneers Head Coach, Bruce Arians stated that neither interception was on Jameis. He actually stated, “Jameis didn’t throw no damn interception that was his fault!” 

Let’s look at the two interceptions.

The first INT that looked like an errant pass to Chris Godwin. From the looks of it, Jameis and Godwin were off all day. Godwin decided to sit in the zone instead of carrying the route up the seam where there wasn’t anyone in sight.

Now to the second INT of the game. Perriman may be on his way out.

It was a two safety look, which most know the weak spot is the middle of the field between the two safeties. Perriman instead continued up the seam. Jameis throws the ball where it should be, but the receiver ran where he wanted it to be.

We, as fans, should listen to the two-time Coach of the Year. The same coach that has said Jameis has to stop giving the ball away. I know it is new for us to have a coach that defends his QB when it’s not his fault.