October 16, 2021

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Why the Bucs must say goodbye to Jameis Winston

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[Opinion Editorial]

The number’s and common sense 

It simply comes down to numbers and common sense. Since coming into the League in 2015, Winston leads the league in turnovers with 86. “The turnovers were part of a disturbing pattern for Winston throughout his career. He has five games with at least four turnovers, while no other player has more than two of those games since Winston entered the league in 2015.” – Per AP story, dated Oct. 13, 2019, (Jameis Winston throws 5 interceptions as Panthers pounce on Buccaneers in London. AP) Not to mention the London game where he fell to a new low with 5 interceptions, adding a lost fumble for good measure for a total of 6 giveaways. All coming in a “make or break” year for him. In his most important season to date, he breaks his own interception record for a single game. That fact should lend itself to the point that he cannot control it. The only thing certain is that it will happen again.

Bucs have invested too much already

The Bucs have poured millions into a player that has basically given them zero return on their money. It doesn’t matter that there are plenty of other players that have not played well enough for the team to succeed. Winston, as a quarterback, is the face of the team. He is the leader, and more is expected from a leader than what Jameis has provided. Ask an NFL fan in Detroit, or Boston, or Los Angeles their impression of Jameis Winston, and more than likely you are going to hear some depressing things. There is a reason that he is known more for his mistakes than any minute amount of success he has had. His reputation precedes him, and it’s not a good one. Let’s face it, the Saints, Panthers, Steelers, and Jags all have backups that arguably are better than Jameis, and a rookie with the Giants is better as well, as Kyler Murray is, in my estimation. There’s just too many quarterbacks out there now doing well to stay with this problematic one. You’re thinking, “It’s only game 6”, but it’s really not, it’s four seasons and six games.

Last Sunday in London, was the other shoe dropping

His game in London last week was the other shoe dropping. The signal may be, of an end to any real chance of a meaningful, long term contract next year. More than likely at this stage, it appears to me that any offers he may receive following this season would be for a backup position, this, of course, is all my opinion, but I stand by it strongly, and completely believe in this evaluation of our quarterback situation.

Bucs must wash their hands completely of this mistake

The Bucs at this point must wash their hands of Jameis, or they probably will become the laughing stock of the league. How could they, possibly, and sanely explain pouring more money into a player, who has done basically everything he could do to prove he isn’t a quality NFL starter? At this point, even his die-hard backers must admit at least to themselves, that the experiment is over, he just hasn’t produced to the level of a first-round pick, much less first overall. I just don’t see any scenario where he could salvage a big contract with the Bucs, even if he plays lights out in every game remaining (which we know isn’t going to happen) I just don’t see the Bucs being able to take that huge of a risk. I’m hoping that they will look at it like this. The decision is, who are they going to go with at quarterback for the next four to five years or longer. They should go into it as if Winston is one of the quarterbacks coming out of college for the 2020 draft and season. Knowing what they know, would they take him over all the Studs coming out? I think the answer to that would be absolutely not. The only thing he gives you is experience, and while that’s important, it can be lessened with a more NFL ready prospect, with a gun arm. (Daniel Jones, is looking pretty good for a rookie, Kyler Murray as well) and the Bucs should have their normal top 6 pick. What good is experience, when you still make 6 turnovers in a game? Would they really take the risk of putting themselves and the fans through another 3-5 years of this torture? Probably not. Change is good, and this team deserves it. The fans need it.

It’s all of his own making

It’s of his own making. The Bucs have afforded him every chance to prove he is their man. Every time, he has proven that he is not. Maybe, this game in London took every hope away, that they may have still been realistically entertaining. The company line will still be the same, of course, but this game had to of shaken Licht and Co. it had to have lit a fire of worry in their guts. Arians may have been wrong when he believed he could change him. I know one of the reasons Arians was brought in was to work with Jameis. Does that mean that no matter how bad he plays, he gets a new contract at years end? Watching the news last night, Arians was asked about Winston having his worst game as a pro. He said, “it’s only one game, now if it happens again, we got a problem” – Arians as viewed/reported on Channel 8 WFLA.  So it seems even Arians may have a limit on what he can stomach.


Let me just say after saying all that this article is not meant to be a slant of Jameis the person. I don’t write for TMZ, but for a Buccaneers Website. I also thank Mr. Winston for his time and money donated to good causes in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. I also wish him the best wherever he ends up playing next season, especially if somehow it ends up, he has defied, the other shoe dropping, and it’s here in Tampa. I stand firmly by my version of the way I see it, but I’ve been wrong before.