October 23, 2021

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Vea Gets No Love From Bucs Fans

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In my off time, I scroll threw some of your posts, and I see one thing everyone seems to agree on, and that is DT Vita Vea in some way sucks or is a bust. What you don’t take into consideration is that this is a 3-4 defense and Vea is an NT, it’s not his job to put up eye-popping stats.

In Todd Bowles’s new defensive scheme, Vea lines up across from the Center, and when the ball is snapped, he eats up blockers, and because of his size, 340 lbs, and strength, it takes two and three blockers to contain him on each play. This frees up the LBs to make plays and put pressure on the QB. Vea is part of the reason Barrett has 9 sacks this season.

He is also excellent against the run. It is almost impossible to run up the middle of the Bucs defense because of Vea. So far, he has 14 tackles to go with 6 QB hits and is also the second highest-rated defensive player on the Bucs defense with a score of 77. Vea is definitely not a bust; if anything, he is a future all-pro.