October 1, 2022

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Bucs must exploit Kyle Allen’s weak spot, or it could be a long day!

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Allen has played very well in Newton’s absence

As much as I hate to admit it, the table is set for our Bucs to take a big loss in Double Decker Bus Land. It would be a better set up if Cam Newton was back and healthy. My heart told me to write a much different article, but my common sense tells me we could be in for a rocky game. Kyle Allen has been stellar so far in Cam Newton’s absence. He has lead the Panthers to three straight wins over Arizona, Houston, and Jacksonville. Not exactly Stud teams, but nonetheless, he’s taken care of business. In those three games, he’s thrown it 90 times with 60 of those for completions, 5 for touchdowns, and 674 yards, and no picks making for a 66.7% completion rate. So, he’s taken care of the ball very well.

Not so fast! He has one big flaw.

It seems Mr. Allen does have a weak spot: he has fumbled the ball 6 times in three games. In the Houston game, he was sacked three times and fumbled on all three takedowns. So obviously the Bucs must return to form in pressuring the quarterback. Last week against the Saints, our pressure was basically nonexistent. This week our boys have to play with more FIRE, more WANT TOThey didn’t seem to play with much of that in last week’s loss to the New Orleans Saints. It’s really simple: it comes down to “how bad do you want it?” Do you want it more than your opponent? In the first Carolina game and also the game against the Rams, no doubt wanted it more. It showed in almost every phase of those games. In the losses to the Niners, Giants, and Saints? Not so much.

Our keys to success

The Offensive Line has absolutely got to get it together and play well this week. We know they can play well and they have shown it. They have also been complete no-shows in games this season, notably the Saints loss. If we get some presence on the offensive line, any type of run game, and if we get some pressure and hands-on Allen, this game will be all Bucs. If not? That sick feeling we had last week is going to return in a big way.

So there it is! A very real simple road map to victory against a bitter division rival.

In addition:

Jameis Winston has got to avoid that interception that he throws so often in almost every game that is inexplicable. This game is probably going to be close, so that usual pick; could sink us in this one. Heads up JW! Take what the defense affords you, don’t force things, play within the system, and play smart. I’m still expecting that big break out game for RoJo, maybe this one is the one? Go Bucs!!