October 17, 2021

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Sooner than later, Arians is going to have to make the move

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Numbers are fairly close and that’s about to change

So far this season, the Buccaneers one-two punch has faired fairly even. Peyton Barber has 53 attempts for 182 yards, for an average run of 3.4 yards. Ronald Jones has 50 attempts for 234 yds for an average of 4.7 yards a carry. Peyton also had 5 receptions for 26 yards to Jones 3 for 71 yards. If Jones hadn’t had the two long runs against the Rams called back(54 and 24), he would be very close to averaging 6 yards a carry, and that’s impressive folks. Jones has also proven to be dangerous when receiving the ball in some space. He can turn a quick screen into a 40 yard run in the blink of an eye. The numbers put up by the tandem are not so much different at this stage. Get ready for that to change. Jones is going to blow up soon. However, I can’t pin down when, for sure. I’ll venture to say within the next 2 to 3 games tops. He has monster game. I’m thinking by then he will have a Buc Fifty or more on the ground and two to three touchdowns; one through the air and two with the sneakers.

It comes down to just getting his hands on the ball more. I don’t think it will be long before Arians has to pull the trigger and make RoJo the starter as well as the main focus of the ground game. It’s not a knock on Peyton Barber. I know some of you folks out there feel warm and fuzzy about Peyton, and I like him too. But you must set those feelings aside, and do what’s best for the team: in the here and now; and for the future. RoJo needs more carries, more receptions, and just to flat out touch the ball a lot more. It’s a math problem if you will. For every so many touches of the ball, he has, he’s going to break one for important gains (10 yards or more) and every so many of those, are going to be for big gains (30-55 yards), and further, still, fewer of those will also be to the house for 6. Mike Evans is another one of those math problem type players; they just produce at a higher level consistently.

Jones Rookie Season

It’s still early, in what you might as well call Jones’s rookie year. I don’t know what you call last year, maybe CBC, (coached by a clown) I think Jones was just another casualty of Koetter’s, Whimsical Traveling Free-for-all Carnival (honestly, that guy never needs to be a head coach again) I digress, he’s played only parts of 4 games. We haven’t seen anything yet. If RoJo can stay healthy, the more he plays, the better he gets. This guy is going to end up being a beast. We haven’t had a runner like him since Warrick Dunn, and with all due respect to Mr. Dunn, he’s going to be better than Dunn, by a good leap or two. It all depends on his durability/Health. Barber can become the change of pace back, and spell Jones, still getting a fair amount of carries. It’s truly the natural path of progression when you have a young stallion in the barn. One built for speed, and big runs. For this team to be at it’s best, Jones must get his hands on the ball more over the entire game. He’s a powerful weapon, and to not use him more would be a waste of opportunities, and in my opinion, whatever that’s worth bad coaching. There, I said it.