December 7, 2023

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Sit back and relax, we’re just not there yet!

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Mistakes aplenty

I’m going to just get it out of the way, just going to say what I’m sure a pirate ship full of us, we’re already thinking. Other than RoJo and God’s favorite receiver Chris Godwin, there was no consistency from the Offense. The offensive line, was exactly that, offensive. There had to have been a horrible fire down on the field because Vernon Hargreaves got badly burned on several occasions. The pass rush that has forced quarterbacks into bad days this season, was unaccounted for. Shaq and Minter were invisible. They made Teddy Bridgewater look like Tom Brady in his prime (see Vernon Hargreaves). They reaffirmed that Michael Thomas is one of the very best, and dangerous wide receivers in the league(see Vernon Hargreaves), and I’m just getting started. Evans nor anyone else besides Godwin could get separation from their man. Evans was handled by Marshon Lattimore all day long. On and on, it goes. Jameis Winston had to run for his life all game. The interception he threw(luckily the play didn’t stand, because of Saints penalty) as usual, was a ball that should have never left his hand, should have been a souvenir for some kid in the stands. On other occasions, he should have dumped it, but he took the sack.

The expectation of regression was there

In the aftermath of the victory party from last week, I had a very strong feeling that this was going to be the outcome in New Orleans. I bit my lip though, not wanting to come off so negative after one of the biggest wins in regular-season history for Tampa. Nobody wants to be seen as the Eeyore of Pooh fame, moping around talking about the end of days. It’s really easy to figure out folks. The Bucs just aren’t there yet. Like I said in my article after the Giants loss. The Bucs haven’t learned how to win. After shaking off the conservative play in the Giants’ loss to secure the Rams win last week, they show you another squeaky wheel that needs grease this week. I’m going to label that wheel, “WANT TO!!” I saw plenty of that in the Saints, both sides of the ball. How could you miss it? You could see it on the face and in the actions of their whole team. Our Bucs, not so much. It just didn’t look like they were very intense, very excited to be in a position to take control of the Division, and beat maybe our worst rival in the South. Sometimes it seems like our boys have a hard time getting motivated, in appearance anyway.

“He’s touching me!” – “No, I’m not!” – “Mom!”

So you think, so you are. I don’t believe this team has really bought into the whole Team Mission Plan yet. I haven’t seen that they are even close to being able to control their own destiny and play consistently above the norm. Nobody said the culture of this team was going to change overnight, and it surely hasn’t. Truly, it is what it is. So pull up a chair, crack open a cold one, and just relax, I don’t know how long it’s going to take them to get there, but I know it sure hasn’t happened yet. “I promise you, you will know when we are getting close, but we’re miles away right now. so take your fingers out your nose, put your seatbelt on, and keep your hands off your dang brother. Don’t make me stop this car, I’ll cloud up, and rain all over you.” Go Bucs!!

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