December 6, 2022

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Hey NFL! Explain This!

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The level of officiating in the NFL has hit new lows. In every game, blatant mistakes are being made. Mistakes that are altering the outcome of games. The example I’ll use in this article ultimately didn’t affect the outcome of the Buccaneers’ loss in New Orleans, but it certainly could have.

Allow me to set the scene:
The saints made a 2nd downplay, and up came the 2-minute warning. 3rd down, first play after the 2-minute warning in quarter 4 (please feel free to rewatch, screencap, and share).
Alvin Kamara runs the ball and picks up only 4 of the 6 yards needed to convert. It’s 4th down, and the clock is running. With 1:46 left on the clock, the Buccaneers call their last timeout.

As the Saints prepare to go for it on 4th down THE CLOCK CONTINUES TO RUN! AND NOBODY NOTICES!
The Saints would attempt and fail to convert 4th down at 1:16 a full 30 seconds after making their 3rd downplay.

Who screwed up here? Was it everybody in the building not noticing that so much time had run off and the officials for not calling this?

Was it The Buccaneers for calling a timeout when the rule states the clock will run?

Was a timeout taken from the Bucs in error?

I’m feeling like I’m falling into some kind of weird dimensional space where this is normal. Clear recoveries and an interesting interpretation of the Pass Interference rules, aside, this is what I need to be answered.