December 6, 2022

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Troll Level: Expert

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On Thursday, the Tampa Bay Times had an ad placed in its newspaper. It wasn’t just any article, it was by Secret deodorant company with a photo of U.S. Women’s Soccer Team star Carli Lloyd.

The ad was directed toward Matt Gay’s wide right miss in Sunday’s loss against the Giants. Credit: Tampa Bay Times.


“Hey Bucs fans, do you sweat 34-yarders?”
“Carli Lloyd doesn’t. Secret believes strength is more than overcoming what makes us sweat. It’s continuing to pursue progress and equality in all industries & sectors. Women may not play professional football (yet), but isn’t it time for a level playing field wherever she wants to play?”


Lloyd(37), made waves when she drilled a 55-yarder after an Eagles practice last month.

Maturity at such a young age

When Matt Gay was shown the ad in the locker room after practice Thursday, he simply just shrugged it off stating

“It is what it is” Gay said. “I signed up for this job. I knew what I was getting into when I got into it, especially at my position. I mean, that’s the NFL. That’s just what it is.’’

Matt Gay has a chance to redeem himself Sunday when the Bucs travel to L.A. to meet the Rams.

Credit: Tampa Bay Times(Rick Stroud and Frank Pastor)