December 6, 2022

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Why the Bucs lost on Sunday

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[Image Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sport]

Once again, like in week 1, the Buccaneers had the chance to win. They lead the game until the 4th quarter. The Giants came into the game 0-2 looking for the first win. They even made a change at quarterback. The New York Giants benched veteran Eli Manning and started rookie draft pick, Daniel Jones. Jones was the 6th overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Many Giants fans were distraught when they drafted Jones, but after Sunday’s loss, many will regret jumping to conclusions. Jones lead the Giants back to a one-point win.

The question that was presented to me is how the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost the game Sunday? The Buccaneers went into the half up 28-10, and it looked like they were going to move to a 2-1 record with ease. One of the reasons why the Buccaneers lost on Sunday was the play in the 3rd quarter. In this quarter, their offense played conservative on three drives all resulting in punts. While this is going on, the Giants would take their first two possessions and score touchdowns on both. The first of those touchdowns would result in a two-point conversation which allowed the Giants to pull within three points at 28-25.

Another reason might be, aside from the defense giving up long TDs, was the rookie kicker. Matt Gay missed two extra points in the first quarter, and those points ended up being the ones the Buccaneers needed. Of course, he also missed a chip shot field goal at the end. Now I am not pointing the finger at him, but had he not missed those extra points, the Buccaneers would have won. Gay would have never been in a position to have to kick a game-winning field goal if the defense didn’t give up easy TDs to the Giants. If these things continue to happen, the Buccaneers will have more losses coming their way.

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