September 25, 2023

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The Curse is Still Alive and Kicking?

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Image Credit: Cliff Welch | Pewter Report

The Buccaneers offense drove down the field for a potential game-winning field goal Sunday. Jameis Winston did everything to win the game for the Buccaneers connecting on throws to Chris Godwin and Mike Evans in the final minutes of play. Everything was looking good until the final seconds.

After hitting Evans with a deep pass the Buccaneers rushed down the field in order to put the ball on the left hash for Matt Gay. Timeout Right? Wrong, Head Coach Bruce Arians elected to take the delay of game penalty to move the ball backward. This would prove costly for the young kicker when the ball sailed to the right hitting the goal post and sealing the demise of Tampa Bay.

Matt Gay was drafted in the fifth round and would eventually beat out veteran kicker Cairo Santos for the job in 2019. He has been good so far in the 2019 season, but this will be a kick that many fans don’t forget. Gay is 7-9 in field goals this season connecting on 77.8% of his attempts.

The kicking game has to be better and that goes for the guys upfront, as well. Gay finished the day missing an extra point, getting an extra point blocked, and missing the game-winning field goal. It is unacceptable to miss from that distance, but only good things will come for the youngster. Unfortunately, for now, the curse of Matt Bryant lives on in Tampa.