December 7, 2023

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Bucs/Giants Game Prediction

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So we’re back at Ray Jay after a nice overall win up at McCoy, and Cam’s place. This week we got “The Saquon Barkley Show” rolling into town, and the master of ceremonies has changed, as Eli finally steps aside to become the teacher, big brother, and personal Yoda to the rookie, Daniel Jones fresh out of Duke U. Nothing says, “we are giving up even the slightest hope of accomplishing anything respectable” like pulling the experienced Vet and throwing in the young kid in week 3. Tanking, throwing it to the wind, tossing in the towel, whatever you call it, I think management realized they weren’t going to win, but a very small number of games, really small number, no matter the QB. So, what’s the point in the kid riding the pine? The Dolphins have also chosen to go with their new young savior Josh Rosen, sitting Fitzmagic, but it’s better to be 2-14, 3-13, with your new franchise guy running the show, learning and making mistakes in a throwaway year, than Eli to hang in there one more year as a starter. Time to see if he can get in on those Nationwide Commercials with his big brother, and Brad Paisley.

The Giants don’t have much of a receiving core. Golden Tate is serving a four-game suspension, and that leaves 3rd-year receiver Sterling Shepard as the only real threat at the position. Bucs would be smart to keep their eye on the tight end, Evan Engram, as he has shown to be a weapon early on in the 2019 season. Giants do have one receiver that used to be with the Bucs and was a special teams captain twice here, Russell Shepard, he’s not scaring anyone either.

The Bucs shut Christian McCaffery down and made Cam Newton look like a liability, Barkley though, is a high yield, sound investment, and you can bet they will keep feeding it to him, to take some pressure off of Jones. The Bucs haven’t had much luck with rookie QBs in the past. I’m calling out those demons and believing our defense, again handles business. Minter will play a big part in that. Barkley will get his 80-100 yards on the game. Bucs will keep him in check from the really long runs and I’m hoping they can hold him to one touchdown on the day, and hold the Giants to a couple of Rosas field goals. Jameis has his breakout game and throws three touchdowns, and should surpass 300 yards fairly easily. I could be wrong, but I think Mike Evans gets invited to the party this week and gets at least one of Winston’s end zone shots, maybe even two. Gay gets his foot in, here and there, with a final of something like Bucs 27, Giants 16.

Anything can happen in the NFL, and especially when our Bucs is involved, but, this is a game that the Bucs are favored by 6 1/2 – 7 points, and the type of game that the Bucs should take charge of and win. In order to take that next step of being a special team, you must beat the teams you are supposed to beat. Without that, a win over a great NFL team is reduced to a fluke, a lucky win at best. Time to take care of business against the Giants. Go Bucs!!

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