December 6, 2022

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Will it again be Shaq Barrett that shines on Defense this week?

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[Image Credit: Bucs OLB Shaq Barrett - Photo by: Cliff Welch/ Pewter Report]

3 sacks in an away game upset victory will do that

I’m sure Shaq Barrett hasn’t had to pay for a meal or a drink, or anything else if he’s been out amongst Bucs fans this week. I’m sure after the Carolina game, he’s got more fans than ever before, and has become more recognizable to Tampa Bucdom. Three sacks in an away game upset victory, will do that for you real quick. But, when the lights go out, and the still, and calm, takes the place of screaming and cheering, and the guys drive off for home. Will he have had another big role in a win, or limited to an average performance in another win, or a loss? The Hype, his popularity, since the Carolina win. is probably at a career-high for him and everyone is expecting big things again. Curious to see how he handles the pressure of much higher expectations.

Not the only Defender we have with talent

It’s hard to string together big games, while nobody doubts he has the talent to do so, will he? Or will someone else benefit from the added attention Barrett will no doubt be receiving? Maybe Suh, Gholston, Carl Nassib, or Anthony Nelson, or even B. Allen. When you have an attacking style like Bowles Scheme is, and the talent to carry it off, any number of players could have a big game. Personally, I’d be happy to see him get even one sack, and a few TFLs (tackle for Loss). The linebackers and safety are going to be important in this game. I expect Kevin Minter to show out and be a big part of our success, we know David always shows. With Saquon Barkley averaging over 7 yards a carry, it’s pretty apparent that defensive lineman isn’t a factor much in stopping him. The second and third-tier defenders are going to have to react and make the tackle before he makes that move, that takes him to the house.

A rebuilding team ripe for domination

There will be plenty of ops for Barrett, and the rest to make some plays in the Giants backfield. The Giants only return one player from last years Offensive Line starters. To say it’s kind of a hodgepodge patch job, protecting the Giants rookie quarterback Jones, might just be a compliment. This is one of the fairly few teams that have an offensive line that is worse than ours. It’s worth noting that the Giants offense has averaged 420 yards of offense for their first two games, which isn’t too shabby. Until you find out their defense is giving up 441 yards. Last weeks win was mostly on the Defense. This week it may be the Offenses turn to drive the Victory wagon, with the Defense hopefully again, holding their own.

Winding it up

It’s easy to imagine Shaq running roughshod into the Giants backfield, and creating some pure havoc. Bucs fans losing their minds with adrenaline, pumping, driving their screaming approval at the tops of their lungs, going into work Monday with a hoarse voice, and a win hangover(which is quite the opposite of a loss hangover) I don’t know if it will be the obvious choice for mayhem, which is Barrett, or another member of our talented defense. Bets are that he will be involved in the mayhem on some level. Great talent does that, it finds a way to be a difference-maker. Go get em Shaq! Go Bucs!!