October 1, 2022

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Coach ‘Em Up!

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[Image Credit: Arians Bucs kagol outside By Mark Cook / Pewter Report]

Players in the NFL are the top in their profession. Some get all jacked up, and some are steady as they come.

How does a coach keep players from getting too amped up before a game or in key situations?

How much responsibility is on their shoulders? Bruce Arians had this to say on this topic…

“That’s the whole thing, is learning how to win close games. You harp on it. We lost the fourth quarter against San Francisco, and we won the fourth quarter against Carolina. You’ve just got to keep it close and make the plays to win the game at the end. Now that we’ve done one, it should become easier.”

Coach was asked what kind of attitude his team should have in the fourth quarter…

“Winning. Straight up winning. Whatever it takes to win.”

It seems to be plain and simple, but sometimes it’s difficult to keep your head on straight in the heat of the moment, and the coaching staff is responsible to help players do just that!

What does B.A. think about the teams losing close games in the past?

“I don’t go back there. We just go forward. We don’t look backwards.”

He was asked what he thought about winning a game in the fourth quarter, and he simply said,

“It’s kinda fun!”

I feel that Bruce Arians is down to earth and up front with everyone! He knows the game and takes responsibility for his mistakes.

The Bucs haven’t been in such good hands since Alstott pounded the rock!

Let’s cheer our team on against the Giants this Sunday!