December 7, 2023

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Is it time to be concerned about S Justin Evans?

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The Bucs took S Justin Evans in the second round of the 2017 draft hoping he would be their FS of the future, and after a stellar rookie season, he seemed right on his way. Ever since that rookie season, he has constantly battled with injuries. Even now he has been ruled out of the game against the 49ers with what’s listed as an Achilles injury. Those types of injuries can be serious, so should the Bucs be concerned?? I say not in the least bit.

The Bucs currently have several players capable of playing the FS position and playing it well. MJ Stewart, Deone Bucannon and rookie Mike Edwards are all more than capable of taking that spot.

On Bucannon or MJ Stewart playing FS, Arians stated: “It could be either depending on the situation and what personnel group we’re in, but we’ve got two or three guys trained and ready  to go.”

Todd Bowles talks a little about how S Justin Evans’ injury affects the personnel in the safety and nickel spots.

“It doesn’t do anything right now. If people start getting hurt, obviously Deone Bucannon can play safety. We’ve moved people around all spring, so we have contingency plans. M.J. Stewart can play a little bit at safety. Depending on the package, he may or may not play, but two or three guys have got to go down for that to happen, so hopefully, it doesn’t get to that.”

So there’s no need to worry my fellow Bucs fans. Evan’s is a great safety but if the Bucs have to move on they can and they will.

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