December 5, 2023

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The sky’s the limit for Jameis Winston

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Sunday marks a new season for Bucs fans, it’s also time to “put up or shut up” for Jameis Winston.

Enter Bruce Arians, Byron Leftwich, and Clyde Christensen, all of a sudden Jameis has a newfound confidence and swagger that didn’t seem to exist with the previous regime.

But how’s this build his confidence?

Having a head coach such as Arians who has coached some of the elites such as Peyton Manning, Big Ben, Andrew Luck, even Carson Palmer has to add a huge level of confidence knowing he’s done some great things with some big names, even winning a Super Bowl in 2009 as OC for Pittsburgh.

Then, add offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich to the mix, who not only has coached with Arians previously, but also played the quarterback position for 10 years for teams such as Jacksonville, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, (where he won a Super Bowl backing up Big Ben with Arians as OC), and Tampa Bay.

Finally, throw quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen in there, who won a Super Bowl as a position coach back in 2007 with Indianapolis. But previously spent time with the Dolphins as offensive coordinator (2016-2017) and Director of Football/Player Development (2018).

No more excuses, just handle business

Needless to say, Winston should have all the confidence in the world because there is a library of knowledge within the 3 coaches named previously for him to be successful this year.

But can that confidence translate to his gameplay this season? Or will it just be another head-shaking year wondering “What in the (insert choice word here) is he doing?” Hopefully, Jameis can ball out and silence the critics and earn his payday.

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