June 7, 2023

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Bruce Arians talks week one, O line, and Kwon Alexander

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[Image Credit: Arians Bucs kagol outside By Mark Cook / Pewter Report]

After the week 3 preseason game against the Cleveland Browns, absolutely no one in the Buccaneers fan base is sitting comfortably. Speaking of sitting comfortably: expectations for Winston to stay on his feet for very long. The memes of the Buccaneers offensive line being a revolving door have already rolled out and aren’t likely to go away until they perform like a well-oiled machine and/or human meat shield for Jameis Winston and his council of running backs. During his Tuesday morning press conference the question was asked about the challenges the offense and the line have ahead of them for week 1, stating:

“Many of them – Armstead, Bucker, Dee Ford, and Bosa. I mean they are all number ones up there. Each and every one of them in and of themselves can go and wreck a game. When they added Dee – I happened to do the Kansas City/Cardinals game last year – he just totally took the game over. He presents a challenge with his speed rush. Nick – I am sure he is going to play – he is a different type of guy. But Armstead and Bucker, those guys are very, very, talented guys.”

Feature Image Credit: Mark Cook of Pewter Report

The understanding for a well-needed game plan is in place for the fairly new defensive front 7 that the 49ers have assembled in the off-season. Their offensive line should give the team a nice prove-it ground. Arians has always loved a fast and aggressive offense, and with a rushing group like the 49ers, you’re going to need one.

During the press conference, former Buccaneers linebacker, Kwon Alexander was also brought up.

“He didn’t play too much in the preseason, but he looked like himself. Obviously, we wanted him back, but he hit the lottery, so God bless him – I am all for it. Now we are playing against him, and we know what he can do. We know what his strengths and weaknesses are.”

The San Francisco linebacker has been noted and is a seemingly prepared for variable in the game planning of the Buccaneers offense. While Kwon can be a lethal opponent in the backfield on the blitz, he’s also big on blown tackles in space. As long as Arians and Leftwich can keep him on the backpedal, he shouldn’t be an issue. Something says they’re already looking for it. Make no mistake this game will be tight. Both teams have a lot to prove. The game’s won in 4 quarters, and hopefully, the Bucs longevity holds out.