December 6, 2023

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My Two Doubloons: “They got their a** kicked. One on one.”

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This Tweet by Rick Stroud says it all.

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The Buccaneers starting offensive line got manhandled by the Browns defense, but does that mean they suck or is the Browns defense just that good? To an extent, I suppose it’s a bit of both.

While it’s just preseason and preseason games are meaningless, this one meant a lot to Bucs Fans.

Last week’s game was supposed to showcase our offense heading into the regular season. It was to display all the hard work put in by the starting offense. Despite it being the preseason and only experts taken from the playbook, Bucs fans expected more and expected better.

I did not like the offensive line giving up five sacks on Jameis Winston especially with two of those being back to back and it looked like the offensive line needed the extra time they requested. The offensive line got their a**es kicked one on one for sure. But I did like the way Jameis Winston scrambled around to find guys on the run, however, I did not like him not being able to connect with Perriman on the deep pass. Winston missed some check-downs and threw some very sloppy passes, but overall it’s not something I’ll expect to happen in the regular season. At least, I hope it’s not something we see in the regular season.

Despite being sacked all those times, Winston was 9 of 19 for 88-yards and no interceptions, or fumbles and had a QBR of 60.9. He did better than Baker Mayfield’s 10 of 26 for 72 yards and an interception, which earned a QBR of 30.6. I think we kept him check.

Bucs fans won’t care about any of the above, only that we looked sloppy, Winston can’t land the deep ball, and our offensive line hung their starting QB out to dry. I do not blame the fans for being disgruntled, but I do believe, even after that ugly performance that there was a lot of good to be seen and we haven’t seen the best of what our team has to offer.

Surprisingly, the Buccaneers defense gets a pass. We kept the Browns out of the endzone, but did give up three field goals. Fairly good outing in my book. Although we only sacked Mayfield once thanks to Nunez-Roches and Jordan Whitehead did come up with an interception. The running game had its moments, but there were few, so maybe the Browns defense is just that good. Yeah, I have to believe that for now.