June 1, 2023

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Sounds Like Bruce Arians Already Has His Roster In Mind

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Currently, the roster sits at 90 men, with an additional 4 on IR and one on NFI IR, but soon that number will have to go down to 53. We can guess all day long at who will remain, aside from the obvious, and normally this decision is a tough one, but for Arians, it sounds like it’s going to be easy.

Feature Image Credit: Mark Cook/ Petwer Report

“It’s there because of their work. The guys have shown up, they’ve worked every single day. We had those two practices all of spring, so our rookies have gotten close to 500 snaps. So, we kind of know what they can do now. It would be easy to cut down to 60 right now, for me. But, again, we’ve got the preseason games coming up and maybe guys can show up more when the lights come on than they have in practice. They’ve put in the time. I’d like to have Vita healthy, I’d like to have Lavonte healthy, and I think they will be. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed for that, but then we’re right on schedule.”

Minus some guys in the lineup, it sounds like the Buccaneers are in good shape heading into the second game of the preseason and then into the final stretch before the regular season. Unless some hopefuls light it up in the coming weeks or some obvious fall to injury, Arians seems to be set with whom he will have on his football team.